Learn Chinese Online via QQ

In our Skype Chinese lessons, Skype is used as the main tool for online teaching. However, we also use QQ as an additional tool in our online Chinese classes. This blog article teaches you how to download and install QQ.


What is QQ

QQ is an instant messaging application that enables you to get in touch with your friends. QQ is very popular in China. Almost every Internet user in China has a QQ account.

Get QQ to Your Computer

1. Download QQ International


2. Install QQ: the software will guide you to finish the installation in a few simple steps.

3. Open the software and a window will pop up for you to login.

4. Click “sign up” to create a QQ number (QQ account) for free.

5. Login with your QQ number and password.



If you want to have the Chinese version of QQ, you can visit: http://im.qq.com/

QQ has many awesome features that make awesome e-learning possible. Besides ordinary text, audio and video chat, you can send files, capture pictures (shortcut: Ctr+Alt+A) and share your screen with your teacher (vice versa), etc. If you have any question about using QQ, please leave us a comment below!

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